Beta 14 - 13,5pk

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Beta14 - 13,5pk

Beta 14 scheepsdieselmotor
 Technical Data
  No. of cylinders 2  
  Swept volume 478 cc  
  Bore 67 mm  
  Stroke 68 mm  
  Nett weight with gearbox 86 kg  
 Power Output
  rpm bhp    
  3000 13.5    
beta 14 power curve

This engine has been specifically developed for installation in motor cruisers, heavy duty commercial fishing boats, launches and barges where an engine is required with high torque at low r.p.m. Based on the Ford/Iveco 7.5 litre engine, this Beta engine will operate very smoothly over the speed range. Competitive prices and very low fuel consumption make them excellent value for money.


  • Reliable heat exchanger cooled, naturally aspirated, indirect injection diesel engines, based upon Kubota’s highly advanced technology.
  • Smooth running with multi-cylinder and high inertia flywheel.
  • Combined heat exchanger and water cooled exhaust manifold for reliability with cupro-nickel tube stack, phosphor bronze end caps and sacrificial anode.
  • Cast iron cylinder head and block with a gear driven camshaft and sea water pump.
  • Three vortex combustion system for quiet running, low emissions and excellent fuel consumption.
  • Control Panel type A as standard with 3 metre interconnection cable and multi-pin plug and socket.
  • 12 volt electric starting with 65 amp battery charging alternator.
  • Heater plugs for cold start below 5°C.
  • Heavy duty engine feet with flexible mountings.
  • Lubricating oil filter and sump drain pump.
  • Fuel filter with mechanical fuel lift pump.
  • Installation angles up to 15° maximum when static, and 25° when heeling.
  • Twin Disc - Technodrive or PRM gearbox with flexible coupling disc, Output rotation is clockwise in ahead viewed from gearbox end.
  • Heavy duty power take off to drive auxiliary equipment.
  • Morse type cable support and end fittings for engine speed and gearbox control.
  • Engine test certificate and operator’s manual.
  • 5 jaar “Self Service“ garantie, alleen bij recreatief gebruik.


a panel
  • Special engine feet to suit your installation requirements.
  • Kanzaki ‘down angle’ gearboxes or ZF Hurth gearboxes.
  • Keel cooling.
  • 100 amp alternator.
  • Control Panels ABV, ABVW, B or C with gauges and alarms.
  • See price list for a comprehensive range of accessories to cover a complete engine installation.